8 Wise Lessons On Wealth From Peter Lim

8 Wise Lessons On Wealth From Peter Lim


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Now a tycoon with a net worth of S$3 billion and the 11th richest man in Singapore, Peter Lim is a classic rags-to-riches story if ever there was one. The notoriously reclusive billionaire came from humble roots — his mother was a housewife and his father a fishmonger. Lim studied in Raffles Institution and struggled to put himself through university in Perth by working odd jobs as a taxi driver, cook and waiter.

What a long way the self-made billionaire — who made the bulk of his wealth investing in palm oil — has come since then. In 2010, the renowned philanthropist donated S$10 million in scholarship funds to the Singapore Olympic Foundation, and in October last year, Lim forked out S$605 million to buy over Spanish football club Valencia and revive the club’s ailing fortunes — just some of the more high-profile transactions he has conducted over the years.


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