Have you ever wondered about how to increase your income by sharing what you know? Today, you can do it just by working on your computer! Let’s examine some of the most popular niches in which you can make some extra cash by working from home:

1. Teaching a language: If you are a proficient language user and have some kind of teaching experience then, without a doubt, this is your opportunity. You can use Skype or Google Hangouts, for example, to teach interactive classes to clients who need to learn the language you know. Even if you do not have teaching experience, there are plenty of platforms that will provide you with training so that you can make some profit with them as well!

2. Virtual assistant: Are you dedicated, determined and enthusiastic? Then being a virtual assistant can be the right option for you! You can work for small entrepreneurs, bloggers, or even big companies, who tend to outsource tasks to VAs so as to be free to work on bigger projects. Some of the most common tasks VAs perform are responding to emails, managing appointments and calendars, sending reminders and, in sum, is available for their clients on demand. The most successful VAs are also patient, organized and professional, so if you possess some of these soft skills, try this out!

3. Fitness coach: being passionate about fitness and body health are the basic qualities of a remote fitness coach. You can help people be fit while raising money in the process. You will have lots of freedom (so you don’t have to wake up very early in the morning anymore if you don’t want to) and a wide clientele. Since your clients will be able to train at home (which is more private and convenient than attending a private gym), they will probably feel inclined to work out more, and they will need your services. Be sure you define your niche and that you target a specific group and be ready to promote your business on social media so as to make even more money than a traditional coach.

4. Social media manager: If you know how to successfully run social media campaigns and attract followers to your Instagram or Facebook account, then this can be an excellent option for you to work from home! You can get an excellent offer in this niche by looking for a job in freelance platforms. Almost all of the big companies or startups need social media experts to make themselves well known and to communicate with their clients without paying for expensive ads on TV or in newspapers, for example. In addition, more and more small businesses are requiring the services of social media managers so as to grow exponentially. By working using the Internet, most of these people earn from $15 up to $70 hourly. A great option to profit from if you are tech-savvy!

5. Travel agent: Even though today more and more people book their own trips using online platforms, there are many who still want an expert to make travel plans for them. On average, holiday planners make more than $1,000 a month. Even if the demand is not rising, if you have deep knowledge about a certain region of the world, or know how to organize travel groups, do not hesitate to share your knowledge and increase your income out of your expertise from home.

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